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Convert your conventional bike to an electric bike

If you love your bike....


Have Bristol Bikes convert it to an electric bike.  Conversions are best suited for mountain bikes and cruisers.  Disc brakes are preferred.

High Quality Conversion Kits


 Electric Bike Conversion Kits are prepackaged sets of components designed to fit on a normal bike and convert it into an Electric Bike. These kits make it easier for end-users to find compatible, functioning parts and purchase them all together. A kit can range from a complete system that includes all the small parts you need, to DIY kits that include only a few parts and leave the rest up to the user. Or, you can have your kit professionally installed by Bristol Bikes.

Electric Trikes and Recumbants


We can build you a custom electric trike or recumbant for a lot less than a manufactured ebike.  Our etrike conversions have automatic pedal assist, as well as a throttle, and reverse!  Prices for a completely assembled etrike or electric recumbant range from $1,800 to around $5,000.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit



E-BikeKit™ Rear 500w Geared Hub Motor Conversion Kit
with 48 Volt Li-ion Battery Pack and Charger........$1068

The E-BikeKit 500-1000w geared conversion kit is powered by an internal 5:1 planetary gear hub motor with clutch. The clutch in the geared motor offers zero drag when pedaling and not engaging battery power. This motor is more efficient, resulting in increased range (especially with "start/stop" riding), has more starting torque, and has greater hill-climbing ability than a Direct-Drive motor of equal power rating. The motor is also smaller in diameter for increased stealth and 3.4lbs lighter than the 500w direct-drive.

Who's it for? This premium electric bike conversion kit system is for those that want the best of the best in performance, efficiency, weight, stealth and speed. Top speed is 28MPH! There is a 300lb total load limit so if you plan on more than that, look to a heavy-duty system.

System Specs:
Watts: (Nominal/Peak): 500-1000w (EBK 22amp controller)
Top Speed: Approx. 26 MPH @48v in 26" wheel
Range: 10-44 Miles *(see battery chart)
Charge Time: 3-5hrs (0-100%) (depending on battery choice)
Weight: 21lbs (9.5kgs)
Performance: High
Efficiency: High
Stealth Factor: High

Lithium batteries provide a high level of performance for the duration of each discharge (unlike seal lead-acid where performance is diminished 1:1 as the pack is emptied).Lithium batteries have a much higher power to weight ratio than lead-acid and 5-8 times the number of charge cycles (how many times a rechargeable battery can be charged from 0-100%). The lithium option costs more initially ,but over time, the "cost-per-cycle" is about half the cost of lead-acid. Lithium packs also require less care as they can be left partially charged, and do not require immediate charging after each use. All batteries MUST be properly cared for during storage.

Battery Choice: We offer 3 battery packs for this kit - the 9ah Li-Ion Shrink Wrapped battery is the lightest and smallest, at just 5.8lbs. The 20ah Li-Ion Shrink Wrapped battery is the longest lasting, with a 20-44 mile range. The 10ah Li-Ion Aluminum Case battery sports a rugged enclosure, carrying handle, and locks in place with a key.

ModelWeightRangeMount StyleCost48v 9ah Shrink Wrapped5.8lbs10-22Battery bag with velcro straps (included, rack not included)Base Cost48v 10ah Alu9.7lbs12-26Rear Rack (included)+$23048v 20ah Shrink Wrapped14lbs 20-44Battery bag with velcro straps (included, rack not included)+$380