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Faye Cook

3 years ago-
My husband and I bought Pedego electric bikes from Mark over a year ago and recommend them highly. Providence RI is hilly in places, and the bikes allow us to zip up the steepest hill or ramp easily at our age (don't ask), haul groceries, and generally enjoy the outdoors. Every winter Mark collects the bikes, makes adjustments and improvements, and returns them better than new. We first rode electric bikes when we lived in Holland, where they are very popular with all age groups, and were delighted to find they were available here in Rhode Island. We don't need a second car now that we have Pedegos. 

Ramel S.

  • 📷6/22/2016Pedego was so close to the historic bike path, it was a no brainer to check them out.  What a great spot to rent or purchase a bicycle.  Mark was very knowledgable and hooked us up with some pretty nice cruisers.  They came with locks and we were able to ride them to East Providence and lock them up while we had lunch.  Their prices were great and the bikes were fresh.  I strongly recommend Pedego if you're looking for a bike in the Bristol/Providence area.

 Jacques S1Reviewed May 20, 2018

Best shop for electric bikes in Rhode Island

Great place to buy a Pedego, rent a Pedego or get one repaired. There are other good bike shops in the state but this is the one I bring my bicycles to. I don't just ride for pleasure, but use my bikes for work and to do common tasks - shopping, commuting, etc. I need to have an electric bike ready and available at all times, and this is the place that makes that possible. It's at a great location, at one end of the East Bay bike trail (India Point Park in Providence is at the other end), which makes getting there a pleasure on a bicycle. Plenty of views of the water and access to parks along the way, including Colt State Park. The owner (Mark) is especially talented at solving bike problems and coming up with good ideas for upgrading and maintaining these bikes. If I wanted to tor the area with a large group on a sunny day, I couldn't think of a better way to do it than to go to the Bristol Pedego shop and rent a bunch of bikes.  Really one of my favorite places in the state.


 Jane M.

📷4/11/2017Mark is top notch and provides the kind of service of days gone by! We loved our rental so much we ordered an electric tandem from him.  It was priced fairly and he gave us lots of good advice. He stayed in touch through the ordering process and promptly delivered the bike to our home in CT.  The electric bike is great for anyone who may want to ride but appreciates a bit of help. The tandem allows us to bring our daughter who has Down syndrome on long bike rides and we can all ride together with no problem.  I used an electric bike in Europe on a Blue Danube tour and had no problem putting in a 30 mile ride.  The electric bike is truly a great option for many people. 

 Donald C

Jamestown, Rhode Island

Reviewed February 12, 2016

This could change your life!

My wife and I purchased Pedego electric assisted bicycles in the summer of 2014, and have been riding them for over a year and a half now. The bikes are fantastic. We now have over 2,500 miles on them and have had no real problems. If you have never ridden one of these, let me tell you how it works. They are not "motorbikes." You do have to pedal them, although in a pinch you can use the throttle and proceed entirely on electric power. The electric assist is a small motor in the rear hub. It runs off a battery that you charge in your house. Because the bike is heavy, in the 50 pound range, we generally use the lowest of the 5 assist settings when riding around the neighborhood. That much assist pretty much makes up for the weight, and so it is like riding a normal bike. The benefit comes in when you encounter a hill. We are 72 years old, and cycling was getting more difficult for us as the years went by. With our Pedegos we can conquer just about any hill. We have taken our bikes to Acadia National Park in Maine, for example, and had a wonderful time. We highly recommend the Perego bicycles.

If you live anywhere within driving distance of Bristol, Rhode Island, I would strongly recommend a visit to Mark DeStefano's store. Mark is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly flexible. He has an impressive inventory and if he doesn't have the exact model you want he can get it for you quickly. He will let you do a test ride or rent Pedegos for a longer period of time to see if they are what you would like. He is extremely helpful. Once, when my wife was concerned that her brakes "squeaked," Mark came out to our house and changed the brake pads at no charge other than the new pads. He is very easy to work with, and we have enjoyed getting to know him.

Date of experience: March 2015